Experience the Joy of Urban Farming

Grow organic herbs and vegetables in your home garden without any hassle. HariMitti offers a choice of over 40 varieties of herbs and vegetables. Just choose what suits your taste and weather. We will provide crates with plants, required composts and maintain them for you. Just water them and enjoy fresh produce throughout the year.


Nature’s bounty cannot be recreated. It can however be nurtured. Choose to grow your own vegetables. Experience nature unfolding her magic in front of your eyes.


Vegetables travel 100s of kilometres before they land in your plate. Colours and preservatives are often added to make them appear 'fresh' and 'new'. When yougrow your own vegetables,you experience the taste of real freshness.


Would you feed poison to your dearest ones? Bid goodbye to harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Let the vegetables you consume be filled with your love and care.


You are what you eat. When you eat home grown organic produce, it strengthens your immunity, boosts cardiovascular protection, prevents cancer and premature aging and more. Farming fills you with joy and lowers your anxiety and stress levels.

We are HariMitti

Literally translating to Green Earth, Hari Mitti is a dream to replenish the earth with lush nature. We believe in bringing some method to madness.If pesticides are poison, then organic is its remedy. In our nursery off the New Town approach road, seedlings of joy have been planted to delight you.

We promise a piece of heaven right in your home. No real estate dealer can get this for you. When you grow your own vegetables in your own home, heaven heaves a sigh of relief on seeing you smile. Think of this when you take your 'first home grown veggie' selfie.

Real Taste never lies. The touch of Organic is always better

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Real Taste never lies. The touch of Organic is always better

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